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About Tandem Trans Solutions

At Tandem Trans Solutions, we offer more than just a hiring service for Truck Drivers, we work in tandem with your business needs to improve your company's bottom line. Our team aims to ease the complexities and uncertainties involved in the logistics world by working with you together and assisting you with hiring qualified & skilled Truck Drivers. We have a vast pool of qualified and experienced truck drivers to choose from, which means that we can find the perfect fit for your company's specific needs and requirements. We understand the challenges of finding and retaining top-quality drivers, which is why we provide ongoing support and resources to ensure that your drivers are successful and satisfied in their roles.

Truck and Warehouse

Our Process

We take the time to understand your company's unique needs and match the most suitable drivers to your routes, loads, and equipment. This way you get the best match for your specific needs. Our team of driver recruiters will help you manage the entire hiring process, from initial screening to final placement, which will save your transportation company time, money, and resources.

Our team is dedicated to providing your company with the best possible service and support, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide solutions to any problems that may arise.

On a Video Call

Sourcing Candidates

By utilizing our extensive database; we help you fulfill all your driver requirements.

Job Interview

Screen & Interview

Our team screens and interviews candidates on your behalf to find you the most qualified fit.

Background Checks

We validate the candidates by conducting in-depth reference and background checks.

A gentleman wearing white shirt has a headset plugged on looking down on his keyboard.

Training & Certification

We offer in-house training to candidates thus completing the whole onboarding process.


Our Promise

We will be an extension to your team assisting you with the most qualified truck drivers for every job. We will be responsive and pragmatic when dealing with your needs so as to always give you a transparent picture of our workings. You will be sure to feel our commitment and dedication as we grow together.​

We're only a call away.
Let's discuss your Driver needs.

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